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High-tech Facials At Medical Aesthetic Center

A few years ago, facials went high-tech and received a very futuristic facelift. Skincare merged with technological advancements in the continuous search to achieve that sought-after lit-from-within look. High-Tech Facials at Medical Aesthetic Center combines modalities into one treatment, enhancing results, delivering more natural, longer-lasting effects, and maximizing the client's time in the clinic chair.What Are High-Tech Facials?A facial is an essential part of any aesthetic...

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Are Botox And Fillers Safe During Pregnancy?

Salons and dermatologists are bombarded with questions from pregnant women who would like to avoid wrinkles and facial aging during pregnancy. Most physicians have said that Botox, radiofrequency treatments, laser hair treatments, and other cosmetic procedures will not harm the fetus, but some remain skeptical.What are Botox and Fillers?Botox (botulinum toxin A) is a prescription for Botulinum Toxin Type A that works to remove wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles in the treated area, reducing...

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Which Facial Laser Treatment Is The Best?

Selecting the best facial laser treatment is an important decision that requires proper research and evaluation of the facts. Various types of lasers are used in dermatological treatments for skin issues and diseases, including acne, sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles, rosacea, and many more.How Do Facial Laser Treatments Work?Laser treatment uses intense pulses of light to target damaged or discolored areas on the skin. The light energy from these pulses causes the area to heat up and destroy...

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Is My Skin Sun Damaged?

Sun damage can be difficult to see. This type of skin damage doesn’t usually happen in just one afternoon. Over an extended period of time, many people assume their skin looks the way it does because of age. This is not necessarily the case.How Do I Know If My Skin Is Sun Damaged?The effects of sun damage can mimic skin that has naturally aged. While they may seem similar, there are several clues to look for. Sun damage treatment at Medical Aesthetic Center is available if you have skin that...

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How To Reduce Swelling In Summer

Swelling in the feet, ankles, and hands is expected during the summer. These are symptoms of excess fluid found in the body compartments. The swelling can be painful and annoying, and the quality of your life could be at stake. There are easy ways to reduce swelling in summer. You have to know what to do about that.What is Swelling?The medical term for swelling is edema. Swelling is the temporary inflammation and fluid accumulation in the tissues. Swelling can be caused by trauma, infection,...

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Magic Of PicoSure Laser Treatment

If you're looking for a treatment that can help improve your appearance and make you look younger, PicoSure laser treatment may be the perfect option. This cutting-edge technology offers several benefits, including the ability to remove tattoos and unwanted pigmentation. At Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey, we are proud to offer PicoSure laser treatment as part of our comprehensive range of medical aesthetic services.What is PicoSure Laser Treatment?PicoSure laser treatment is a...

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