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12 11 2020

Nail Fungus Treatment in New Jersey

Nail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis, is a common infection of the nail either on the toes or fingers. The condition is mostly asymptomatic but starts as a yellowish or white spot under the tip of your nail. When the infection becomes severe, you may experience some discomfort on the infected nail. Nail fungus is more common on the toes than on the fingers.

Nail Fungus Symptoms 
Common symptoms of nail fungus include:
• A slight foul smell on the toes
• Thickened nails
• Distorted shape
• Rugged and brittle nails
• Whitish to yellow-brown discoloration
• Crumbling along the edges

Nail Fungus Treatment
It is vital to have a diagnosis before the commencement of treatment. The Periodic Acid Schiff test helps to determine the exact fungus to determine the ideal treatment. The nature of treatment depends on the type of fungus and the severity. For nail fungus treatment in New Jersey, visit us at the Medical Aesthetic Center in Marmora. Treatment options for nail fungus include:
• Anti-fungal medication: it is the first line of treatment that can help a new nail free of infection to grow. However, the success rate of the treatment is low. Medicated nail polish is an anti-fungal polish applied on the affected nails and the surrounding skin to clear the infection.
• Medicated nail creams: are applied on infected nails to clear the fungus. The nail is thinned before application for the medication to penetrate through the nail surface.
• Laser Genesis treatment: a modern nail fungus treatment in New Jersey, has been proven by the FDA to produce excellent results within three months. The laser damages the fungi protein and enhances immunity to prevent the recurrence of infection.

Benefits of Nail Fungus Treatment
Nail fungus treatment has numerous benefits for your feet and your overall wellness. It clears the displeasing appearance caused by fungus on your nails and brings back your natural appearance. Laser treatment kills the fungus without damaging the surroundings of the nail. Visit us at the Medical Aesthetic Center for your laser genesis nail fungus treatment in New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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