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05 28 2020

Eliminate Stubborn Fat with Liposonix

Weight loss and fat loss go hand in hand. In order to sculpt the desired body, fat must be removed while preserving muscle mass. This is the cornerstone of many weight loss programs but results vary from person to person. This is because genetics plays a key role in where fat is stored. Liposonix is one of the leading advancements in the field of medical aesthetics and looks to give everyone their desired body regardless of genetics. The revolutionary method focuses on disrupting fat cells from target areas and shaping your body like never before.

Many clients choose their stomachs for Liposonix since this dramatically reduces the sizes of their waists. In fact, clients typically lose 1 inch off their waist after just one treatment. It accomplishes this by using ultrasound waves to focus heat on specific areas. The waves are precise and regulated, especially since it is the same technology used in diagnostic ultrasounds. The high energy heat is also effective yet invisible, meaning this is a relatively painless procedure. They affect the fat cells by preventing further fat from being deposited in the location.

As a result, many clients choose Liposonix to remove the last inch and any other stubborn fat. After all, the less fat one has, the harder it is to naturally burn off. The treatment takes about an hour and has minimal side effects. Some may experience redness or swelling but this pales in comparison to invasive surgeries. On top of being expensive and painful, surgeries can have some long-lasting effects on the body years after the procedure. Liposonix is ready to provide a better alternative and change the game forever. If you're tired of that stubborn fat, the Liposonix treatment at the Medical Aesthetic Center in New Jersey may be the solution for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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